wanderings & explorations

Images are the heart of our minds. When we close our eyes we remember and visualize places we have been, explored and visited. I have spent the greater parts of my life taking photos of the places I visit.

I have traveled across country 7 times. My love for seeing the world around me began when I was 12 during my first cross-country trip with my grandparents. All 50 states is a life goal and below are some of my favorite images I've captured during my years behind a camera.

When you spend your childhood in one location, when you step away from the bubble, you see parts of the country that are amazing. I remember driving over the rockies and as we descend there is a valley to the right, fields of green and cabin stuck in the middle. I fell in love with the beauty our world has to offer.

I may not have yet ventured to every corner of the US, but I am on my way. We get so wrapped up in our world of daily work, chores and life that we forget to open our eyes. One of my favorite adventures is to pile my gear in my car and just drive. Get lost and explore new places.

Below is a small collection of images, shot over the last 20 years. Enjoy and explore.

All images are available as prints, canvas wraps and standouts as home décor, office artwork or wall art.

Any special requests can be made by contacting me directly.


California 2019 Superbloom

Random Wanderings