My Story

THiRDiPHOTO is owned and operated by Joy Newcomb, a highly committed professional with more than 24 years of experience in her field.

I established THiRDiPHOTO as a photography business whose aim is to produce outstanding imagery and quality customer service. Combining the best of traditional photography with my skills as a photojournalist to obtain an elegant editorial style.

I have been shooting professionally for 24 years winning many awards in photojournalism and fine art. I cover a range of photoshoots from portraits, family gatherings, live performances, and private party events; capturing the moments you will remember for a lifetime.

Many aspects drove me to become a photographer. I wanted to travel, see the world & humanity around me, I've traveled through 39 of our US states. Life goal is to visit all of them. There is so much of our world to see and my love of capturing and experiencing everything it has to offer is not yet quenched!

At 14, I picked up my first camera and I have yet to put one down. It is my passion, my love, my life. My camera and my mind's eye, is my third eye. Looking through the lens, a creative and vibrant world opens to me.

I attended the University of Akron and graduated with a B.A. in studio art. Shortly after college, I spent a year watching the hustle of New York City. I then moved to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho where I took on my first newspaper. I had fallen in love with photojournalism. There I began my journey as a photojournalist - traveling to where the news industry took me. After my stint at the Coeur d'Alene Press, I moved back to Ohio and began working at the local newspaper, The Canton Repository and spent 5 more years perfecting my style and becoming the photographer I wanted to be.

My office is the road I travel and the places I visit.

In 2004 I moved to LA in hopes of pursuing my creative dream, photographing the life and things I enjoy. Because of my journalism background, I shoot with a documentary style. Blending in with my environment so I, in a sense disappear. Letting your day; your moment become the focus.


The people, the places and their lives took me into a new world. Photojournalism is still a love. What a better way to spend a life time, each day different, each day unique.
— Joy Newcomb