Family Memories

Life happens in an instant.

Families grown, change, and pass along their histories; Capture yours.

In the digital age, our memories have moved to an online platform. As a child, I loved to sit on their couch and go through my grandparents photo albums and shoeboxes of prints.

Bring back a tradition which will bring your grandkids, and kids closer as a family.

We live in a world where everyone rushes to get to the next "thing". Family portraits shouldn't be in a studio. It should be at your home, your kid's soccer game, your day at the park, and your walks on the weekends with the dog. The spontaneity of your life and these are the memories you will cherish and want to cling to. While it seems like ordinary life, it’s what we remember as we grow up and pass along our memories.

Step out of your studio box and invite me to capture a glimpse of your life.

During my stint as a photojournalist, I have captured all aspects of life and know how to think on my feet. I can work with your schedules. If it’s a day at the beach or an afternoon at the park or even an afternoon brunch with the grandparents, we will spend the time together to capture those occasions.

Please contact me to discuss what you are wanting from your family portraits and what memories you want to preserve.