Love Letter to LA

Dear Los Angeles. City of Angels. L.A. Lost Angels.

You have many names; there are multiple quotes about you. I love and hate you at the same time.

Love the weather.

Hate the lack of seasons.

Love the culture.

Hate that it takes half the day to get there to experience it.

Love Hollywood at night.

Hate parking in Hollywood at night.

I’ve been through some earthquakes, not a fan. I drove through a pass that looked that the fiery depths of hell. Literally almost drove through a home in the middle of Laurel Canyon during one of the wettest LA mornings I’ve experienced. (no did not have my camera, or a phone with a camera…didn’t exist).

Sepulveda Basin Fire 2017

Sepulveda Fire 2017
Sepulveda Fire 2017
Sepulveda Fire 2017

I’ve eaten at Mel’s Diner, The Beachcomber, danced the night at The Abby, walked through some amazing downtown architecture, and had a once-in-a-lifetime drive with a local Sheriff to my car in the hills after a West Hollywood Halloween night out with the girls. Witnessed 3 standoffs in my neighborhoods and have seen George Clooney 3 times in person. (yes he is as good looking as you would imagine).

Those are some the highlights.

I’ve also lost my job twice due to the economy, struggled to pay bills, had to move multiple times due to the ever increasing rent rates and experienced a roller coaster of personal ups and downs. I watched as the homeless population skyrocketed. Watched as friend-after-friend left LA.

There is a layer of reality that unless you’ve lived in LA, you don’t really know about. LA, you are portrayed by the industry as the place to be, where your dreams come true. The line EVERYONE knows…and probably one of the best lines in the movie, played by Actor Abdul Sallan El Razzac.

Welcome to Hollywood! What’s your dream? Everybody comes here; this is Hollywood, land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don’t; but keep on dreamin’ - this is Hollywood. Always time to dream, so keep on dreamin’.
— Pretty Woman

LA is an altered dream.

I will miss the winding hills and Mulholland as I bypass the mess of the 405/101 interchange every morning on my commute. I will miss the beauty of the marine layer that lies over the valley like a fluffy blanket. I will miss the refreshing pool waters when the valley hits 115 degrees. I will miss the lack of humidity.

I will miss the sounds of helicopters circling. The constant noise of cars; it’s become my white noise. I will miss that I never have to turn on the heat. I will miss Waze telling me I should turn left on Sunset at rush hour. I will miss backyard movies in Burbank. I will miss the random unexpected celeb sightings. (still odd). Is that John Cleese? Standing in the bank line behind a Lost Boy. I will miss sneaking into a People’s Choice Awards after party. I will miss the “glitz and glamour”.

I will miss seeing behind the curtain. I will miss walking past the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. building as I took fans to see their favorites TV show being filmed. Watching and shooting the behind the scenes of movie shorts and TV shows. Seeing the Disney animation studio for the first time. Seeing a true Prop House.

I will miss The Village. The true Melrose place.

It’s been my home for 4 years and is the ONLY place, which has ever had the type of community you want with an apartment complex (I’ve lived in 12 complexes throughout my life). I will miss the nights after work sitting by the pool as the sun sets BSing about our days. I will miss the multiple BBQs, parties and cookouts we had together. I will miss seeing Charlie in the window when I get home. (he is coming with me but his window has changed). The random movie nights and sitting around my couch talking about life with the friends I have made. I will miss George (93-year-old rockstar) that still goes out twice a week to dance.

The Village is what kept me going. The friends I have made will be missed.

LA you have kicked me while I was down a few times, but I still love you. You have sparked friendships and experiences I will always treasure. I will see you again.

For now though, I must leave you behind and take on my next adventure.

Goodbye L.A. Until Next Time.

Love Always,


(Charlie, Sawyer & Cali)

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