Learning to Hike with a New Knee

Hike #3 is officially on the books.

With a 7-month-old knee and spring arriving in SoCal; I am challenging myself to get out explore, hike and discover new places. I've spent the last 14 years dealing with a knee that refused to do it's job. Last year I went through TKR, Total Knee Replacement.

This year it’s all about a #summertoremember.

I’m still recovering from RHS and you can see it in the Vlog (or at least I can). Crooked smile, certain words are still hard to speak, my left eye while blinking more is still not at 100%. I see the flaws but I also see the progress.

Now, that I am able to venture places I've never seen or experienced. It's about living my best life. Striving to become healthy, spending time outdoors and photographing the world to my heart's content.

Occasionally I drag my friends with me and force them to #exploremore

I recently downloaded an app; AllTrails, which allows you to search trails based on ease and what you want to see. I began to do my research…apparently did not do enough. It’s been awhile since I’ve hiked, but typically I’ve seen signs that “point” you in the right direction.


Not so much in SoCal.

We went left, when we really should have went right.

We got lost.

Which is by far my FAVORITE activity.

The happiness that I felt and still feel about the success of my knee and how there is ZERO, ZIP…ZILCH pain..blows my mind.

I walk and it doesn’t hurt.

There is HUGE difference between “pain” and soreness. My knee was sore. It’s been sore for a few days, but it’s getting stronger, the pain is less. The constant pain however or walking like a penguin is GONE!!!!

This is massive for me. I hate how out of shape I have become. Now, it’s time to make this my best life. There are so many places I want to explore and see. Southern California however is about to get hot however…like Vegas HOT, so it’s either getting up super early or hike into the evenings.

The crew may join me (@burgerandthefriend) but right now they are enjoying their evenings at the dog park, and considering I’m still getting use to the new me…they may hang back for awhile…also; Burger seems to get tired after 20 mins. (little legs)

Hike #4…(with a special surprise) coming soon!!!