RHS Treatments, Day 61

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and Acupuncture


It’s officially 2019. I’m hoping the this year will be a bit better.

The last 2 months have pretty much put me through the ringer. The good news is my new knee, now over 90 days old is doing fantastic. I can walk with no pain. I am currently at 110 degrees (from last doc appt) and I have 6 more therapy sessions. I did request aqua therapy as I know this will help me achieve the range I want.

My goal, swimming and bike riding HAVE to be something I can do, again.

Unfortunately developing RHS two months into recovery side tracked my focus. I found and joined a support group for RHS on Facebook which has been such a massive help. While my friends and family can sympathize, it’s hard for them to understand. Talking is tiring and when I have to repeat multiple times because either I can’t speak correctly or they become distracted it can be frustrating.

My speech has changed, my eye is constantly is dry and has a hard time focusing after a few hours. I MUST rest them constantly. You realize how much blinking is needed for your eye health. I developed Vertigo over the last couple of weeks which is not fun. The only other times I’ve ever experienced this was during earthquakes in Cali. Now I experience it while sleeping. Which kind of makes sleeping a nauseous adventure.

A couple of the prescriptions for RHS is rest and no stress. I’ve also read that massage and acupuncture also are an added benefit. I’ve had 4 acupuncture sessions so far and we are continually trying new techniques and attacking the palsy head on. I found Holly Leever through Yelp. I wanted someone close and she has been ABSOLUTELY fantastic. The last visit I began to notice the shape of my cheek on the affected side. I literally stood and looked in the mirror for 5 mins poking my cheek.

Her website: http://hollyleever.com/

I had two MRI’s on December 27th to see what is going on with my nerves. Currently waiting to find out the results and what can be done.

Handling Stress with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

I’ve heard this saying all my life, “When it rains, it pours”


Two days before Christmas my brother and mom were in a car accident as a deer decided to take out my dads caddie as they were driving back from visiting my grandma. The following morning my 94 year old grandma passed away. Three days later I was on a plane to head back for the funeral.

My stress was off the charts. Our flight was delayed an hour and a half for mechanical issues, we finally take off but I couldn’t sleep on the redeye flight because of vertigo. Flying with Vertigo is an entirely new sensation. The best I can describe it; when riding a roller coaster and you hit the top of the hill at a fast pace and your stomach feels like it’s doing somersaults, I felt like that for 4 hours. NON-STOP!

The only way I had relief, was by keeping my eyes open.

I land in Chicago, with no time to locate my gate. Zero help from United’s Counter, the guy actually yelled at me. I walked away. I was not in the mood. Finally found my gate and landed in Canton.

United lost my luggage.

Yea... I melted down at the airport counter.

I apologized to the lady because I know it’s not her fault. But at that point EVERYTHING hit me at once. The luggage tipped the scales. I had had enough and needed to sit and control my breathing so I could focus my headspace on what was happening and how to fix it.

RHS does not allow for “pretty” crying. So I sat on a bench at CAK and ugly cried for 5 mins. Head in my hands I cried and prayed. I just wanted a break from stress, worry, and life handing a f$%kin bushel of lemons.

  • I closed my eyes

  • Concentrated on breathing as deep as I could

  • Listened to the sounds on my breathing and gathered myself.

Once I could focus, we figured out that my friend could come by after her work and pick up the luggage. Gave United all the contact information and waited for my parents. They picked me up and we drove south to Dayton.  I may have slept 30 mins while we drove south. Once we arrived I had 40 mins to buy and find something to wear that didn’t smell 30 hours old. My cousin Ben and his family drove me to the closest Old Navy.

My luggage made it to Canton 12 hours too late.

Thank god for my friends, when life just wants to toss you about, you will find those few friends that hang on. The ones that stick through ALL your bullshit. I am thankful for the few that have truly been there through all of it.

aka…The “Girls”. My Ride or Die crew.

Thank you!

Lessons I learned from my Grandma

Of the many life-lessons I’ve learned (not perfected) from my grandma is the strength to move forward when life seems to just be handing you a pile of shit. She lived an amazing 94 years of life. She raised 4 kids, helped mold 9 grandkids, and 11 great-grandkids. Built a house that became the family home, traveled and spent time with her family whenever and wherever she and my grandfather could. Not only did they take time to discover who you were, she encouraged.

She was strong willed, had her opinions (like her mom) but loved fiercely. She watched and took care-of my grandfather as he slowly lost his memories and life to Alzheimers.

It may have take me more than 40 years to understand her strength. I mean truly understand it. I don’t know all her stories and I wish I would have asked more questions but I was a stupid 20-year-old trying to figure out my own life when her and grandpa where in their prime. It’s wasn’t until later when I realized, what I missed.


I know I’m lucky. I had her as a grandma. The little house on Wenger Rd will truly be missed. The massive property, where I spent many summers playing outside with the neighbors. Hundreds of hotdogs and roasted marshmallows over the bonfire pit. Mowing the 2 acres with a trailer of cousins behind me. Finding dozens of eggs. Waking Christmas mornings with presents piled in every corner. Cramming into the small kitchen to watch the miles of film reels my grandfather had shot. Walking through the house for the last time for me, I tried to soak in as many memories as I could.

I have to remember the strength she had, and use that to get through everything that will happen throughout my life. RHS is just a blip. I KNOW I will recover. I KNOW that this will go away because I’m not going to stop, give up. I’m going to do what my grandma taught me.

Be strong. Move forward.

I found a fortune cookie wrapper while walking through her home, I believe this is how she lived. She believed in hard work, she believed in following your dreams and she helped us grow to pursue ours.

Pray for what you want, but work for the things you need.
— Fortune Cookie

My Photographic Journey