20 days and counting...Total Knee Replacement Prepping & Planning

Seems like it’s plenty of time, right? It’s not like I wasn’t delayed  :/  the first time I was supposed to have knee replacement surgery. However, time shrinks. The pace picks up and suddenly D-Day is here and you start stressing about everything you’ve tried to plan up to that point.

still life photography
  • Paperwork. Did you turn everything in?

  • Forms. Did you fill it out correctly?

  • Finance. Will I survive on 40% less income? (this is a BIG one)

  • Knee Replacement Recovery. How long will I hurt?

  • How long will it take me to learn to walk again?

That thought. The one right above this line freaks me out. I can handle having Uterine Myomectomy’s, those surgeries didn’t scare me. The idea of walking and even loosing that ability freaks me out.

I know. I know. I’ll be fine…

Doesn’t stop my brain from thinking about it though!  There is so much I want to do once I recover and this surgery will hopefully teach me a bit more patience. Doubtful, but I can hope.

I am excited to walk again with no pain. To be able to actually walk around the block and not have to stop, OMG..I CAN NOT wait!

I began going to the gym in 2015, my weight loss has been a slow progress. I had watched a Netflix (on the recommendation of my dad) called Fat, Sick and Nearly dead. It was a documentary about this guy that had discovered juicing. I tried it, for 60 days I juiced. It was tough the first week. I dropped 30 pounds during that 2 month juicing diet. I continued to go to the gym, but because of my knee, I was limited. I did what I could to continue to build up my strength. I slowly stopped juicing for all of my meals and began to add solid food back in. I gained back  about 10 pounds but maintained the rest of the weight loss.

The juicing diet faded and while I still maintained, I wanted more. My friend and neighbor told me about The Intermittent Diet, which is basically fasting and only eating 8 hours in a day. He dropped 40lbs; witnessing his results I wanted to try it. I knew that if I wanted a better knee recovery, I needed to lose more weight. Since beginning the diet, I have dropped 3 pants sizes and continue to drop weight. What I like about this, while I’m fasting, I can actually eat whatever I want. I do try to eat healthy, but I don’t feel guilty now about ordering a pizza or having that drink.

It works for me. It’s a slower place, which feels healthier. Dropping the weight, no longer smoking and eating heathier, is my focus and goal but to know that I can splurge and it won’t destroy the work I’m doing is amazing.

Not every diet works for every BODY type. Everyone needs to find what works for their lifestyle.

I will continue the diet and once the knee if actually fixed; I will begin to walk more in the evenings. Especially now that fall will effectively occurring during my recovery. 

Until I can walk around the block; I will probably catch up on some sleep, re-organizing my photography catalog, optimize my personal website, dig into serious RV research, continue to downsize, plan a garage sale, start looking at routes for trips. Research campsites at Yosemite and begin planning my first adventure. 

I may not be able to walk well right away, but I sure am going to dream about where I can go once I can!!