Life is all about Changes! A New Plan!

It’s 2018. I have officially decided to change my life.


I think I was born with the wanderlust gene. I have lived in LA for 14 years and other than my home state this is the longest I have stayed in one town. Los Angeles is not an easy place; it takes a lot to survive the cost of housing and the expense of life.

Everyone comes to Los Angeles with dreams, ambitions, and desires to have a successful life and career. I wanted the same thing. I wanted to take my creative energy that was stifled by the news industry and “catch” my break in LA.


My entire life I have spent learning about new things. I have always been a photographer. Knew that was my career when I was 12. I wanted to see the world, explore new places and experience as much as I could. So I became a photojournalist. I loved it. Each day was while the same (spend the day making pictures), each day was different. It was the perfect outlet for my wanderlust spirit.

We are taught that owning a house, having 2.5 kids and a dog with the perfect white picket fence is the life we should strive to get. I have friends today that tell me I need to start thinking about my future and look to buying a house so I can retire and not worry.

Does owning a house somehow become less stressful - less worrisome? Based on housing prices today, (especially in LA); I would die before it’s paid off.

Love LA. Lots to see, experience and do. However making 70k a year is not enough to truly enjoy life in Los Angeles. We all work to buy “things”; we collect these things throughout our life to fill-up our space.


Why do I want a 2000 square ft home? So I can spend an entire weekend cleaning it? Worrying about how over the next 30 years I’m going to pay it off?

I have realized over the last month that I wish to be happ(ier).

So, I am about to embark on a journey that will kick down the white picket fence ideals and explore the world around me.

We have one planet. There is so much that surrounds us, we can sometimes forget that and close our self off in the daily routine of our lives.