What makes you CLICK? ~ Facebook Ad Experiment

Two weeks ago, I began to play with the Facebook Promotions feature that allowed you to create ads. What I truly like about this is the that you know where your money is going, how it's reaching it's targeted audience and you can run these for just 7 days for just a $1 a day!!! You can then REALLY see the impact your words or images may have based on the audience you choose and demographics you are trying to reach.

While Google has the "fame". I find the analytics they provide are very complicated and overwhelming with information that I really don't understand. I tried looking at the promotions I could run, but it required a bigger $$ amount. 

I want to see how I impact my audience in shorter time frame, because right now, it's all about the budget. What do I need to "truly" spend to obtain followers. I don't want to break the bank so the facebook Promotions feature, as by far provided a much better look (for me) into what the audience may be interested in.

I'm sure if I took the time, or watched a few YouTube videos, I would eventually understand how Google Analytics works, and how I could make this work for me, but...one ad at a time, one promotion at a time. 

So for the next month I will continue to create a Facebook Ad that will run and help promote what I'm trying to do; which is increase traffic to my facebook page, which will increase traffic to my website (blog), which will increase the ability to earn passive income to help me finance my travel on a budget. WHEW..... (my mind just exploded!)

In just 14 days, I increased my followers from 42 (friends and family) to 62.

Based on the 28 day analysis below, I had a 1658% increase in views, THATS MASSIVE!

I created 3 ads, all to run for 1 week. The first was a website promotion that while I reached 174, there were only 2 clicks that lead off facebook. It however was pulled because of the text on the image. SO it only really ran for 2 days.

The second, did much better, but facebook still did not like the text over the image (which was less), and the ad was pulled 3 days later. It seemed to work better. Not sure if it was the photo or the text? I kept that Ad text the same, so it does seem an image is worth more clicks! Or as they used to say ..

A picture is worth a thousand words
— Unknown

The last promotion ran the full 7 days, had 349 view but only 7 likes. No test over the image, just a photo I took off Route 66, near Calico, CA

facebook promotions awaken your joy

I will create a 4th, using a different photo and re-"working" the words. Now if you already have liked my Facebook page, you would not see this ad. While I LOVE my followers, I need to focus on obtaining more.

So share, retweet, like, write to me; Tell me what you want to see. Ask me questions? What do you want to know about this process I haven't talked about?

What makes you click on an ad?