Check-List #1

All of us desire a better life. We get trapped however in what we feel, think or are told what that life should be. I’ve known from a very early age, that my “life” plan was not to settle down and get married and produce the 2.5 kids society expected of me.

I’ve also known that as an artist, my life would not be easy, that I would not be rich. (or the correct term; wealthy)


My G. Grandma Home in Casper, Wyoming

My G. Grandma Home in Casper, Wyoming


Georgina (kick-ass Italian) had the original tiny house, before it was a "thing". My Great Grandparents moved and converted this mobile home into a tiny home and (not kidding) a room with a feather bed! (John Denver fans understand). They had a boat and another RV. It was a simple but hard life. I do not know all the details, but I still loved the life she lived.

I no longer want to be held by what society expects (yes, I know a very hispter thing). I honestly do not care. I am beyond trying to please people by what I have. Not that I was ever truly lived that. I just feel and think this road I'm currently looking to travel has brought an emotion deep within myself that just shouts ~ NOW! Go now! Planning and thinking about where and what I want to see has my heart just excited.

But one thing at a time....

My grandparents (Betty and Gene) did not have the “must haves”. In fact to this day, they have never had cable. My grandfather built his house on a 2.5 acre lot that my 92 year-old grandmother still lives in. They both worked very hard to provide for 4 kids during the 40-70’s.

Vacations were getting in the car and driving across country to see family.

While growing up, my grandparents took each one of us grandkids on a 3-week cross-country tour. I was the first (being the oldest). This experience impacted me in a way I had not expected.

So my plan, once I start, is to carry on the tradition and take my nephews on the road.

Over the next year, I will take the steps I need to make this dream a reality.

Plan (So Far)

  1. Knee Surgery

  2. Organize

  3. Clear my life of clutter

  4. Cut my cost of living expenses in half

  5. Attend as many RV Shows as I can

  6. Decide; Tow Trailer vs Motorhome

  7. Learn about basic plumbing

  8. Learn about basic electrical

  9. Roadmap research

  10. Organize

  11. Organize

  12. Organize

  13. Buy an RV/Trailer/Motorhome

  14. Remodel and plan my first of MANY trips.

There are quite a few more steps but this is the beginning, the adventure has just begun!