Cutting the Excess

I was taught how to organize (fairly certain it is inherited), this also comes with the notion of planning each step. Making sure I can get this done as quickly as my life will let me. There are some important issues that have to be handled first:

  1. Knee Surgery

(I’m young enough that docs did not want to do this but I refuse to travel and not have the ability to hike and explore)

So this will be getting completed sometime in March or April this year.... which, if I can plan it right and the stars, moons, spirits and gods (which ever you prefer) have all aligned in just the right way. Summer 2019 is the first optimal travel date

  1. Clean house

(Seriously reduce my crap.)

I’m going to start in the bedroom and work my way out to the living room, but 90% of the items I currently own will be sold on Let Go and other apps. This will be the “fund”.  This will help me purchase and remodel the vehicle of my choice.

  1. Cut the excess

(all subscriptions, plans, money being spent for entertainment…i.e cable – will be ended. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, we will keep. Streaming services – which means internet option research)

If I can get through the list above over the next few months, I will feel like I am getting closer.

Bills to be paid